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OEM is “original equipment manufacturer” which means the battery is identical to what was originally supplied with the phone.

Non-OEM is a battery made by a different company that reverse-engineered the original battery and

started producing functionally-equivalent copies for sale into the same application.

There is no hard and fast rule, but generally people perceive OEM to be higher quality and more reliable than non-OEM, as a result pricing will often be higher for OEM batteries.

Batteries are difficult to manufacture consistently because minor variations in water content (parts per million)

and minor mis-matching of the anode and cathode capacities (produced by micron thickness variations in coating processes) cause substantial cycle life reduction in the final battery. It could be the difference between getting 100 cycles out of a battery (not to hard) versus 500 (more challenging). OEM’s might have a higher reject rate of marginal batteries, which leads to higher costs on the ones that do pass.

“TRY ME!” reads each action figure box in the toy store. So, gladly, every single child gives the Bat Belt a buzz… over…and over…and over again. Thank goodness for Medic Batteries OEM batteries!

High quality original equipment batteries, or OEM batteries, are vital to any company who sells “batteries included” products with a primary battery pre-installed. These companies know products with OEM batteries are very attractive to customers – but only if the primay batteries work!

Medic Batteries supplies superior

general purpose alkaline and lithium Energizer and Duracell OEM batteries to companies who depend on primary batteries to give their products a long,

powerful shelf life. Because OEM batteries might sit in stores for months, these primary batteries must be completely fresh when they’re installed and must come from a reputable OEM battery supplier like Medic Batteries.

Our OEM batteries are 100% guaranteed to retain their power longer than inferior,

poorly made primary batteries that have faded long before the product is finally purchased. Medic Batteries primary batteries are:

economically packaged in bulk
shipped immediately in most cases
competitively price
properly stored
backed by excellent customer service

he brand name. place of manufacture although some come out of the exact same factory as the OEM parts just with different labels or the case maybe different. take yuasa and century batteries lead acid car batteries both are made at carol park in Brisbane one the case is blue/yellow the other is black one has a century sticker on it the other has a yuasa sticker. the company is century-yuasa batteries pty ltd(yuasa is one of the largest lead acid battery companies in the world) same components same chemicals just the packaging changes. as long as it is to fit your application it is fine.

A family friend has a Mercedes Benz the

A family friend has a Mercedes Benz the serpentine belt is $120 for genuine or $70 for aftermarket

both are made by gates in the same factory the genuine part just has Mercedes Benz logos on it

with the words made by gates for an extra $40. Often with OEM parts your only paying for the name and the extra 2 steps

it takes to get to you: manufacturer to the national distributor to there warehouse to state warehouse to the dealer to you,

where as aftermarket: manufacturer to distributor to store to you. typically oem parts cost more because of the brand name and the extra distribution compared to aftermarket parts. sometimes the quality isn’t there most of the time it is the same as OEM, so stick to know brands of aftermarket stuff.

A lot of people don’t know most LCD TVs use a Samsung or LG electronics panel why? because their the 2 largest LCD panel manufacturers in the world.

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Michael Lipphardt, Engineer at Quality Electrodynamics (2015-present)
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And OEM battery is nothing more than a

battery the OEM installed in their device before sale.

They are usually fairly well

quality controlled and are of known provenance. This was how Samsung was able to sort out the problems with the Note 7 batteries. They knew where they came from and knew their design.

Aftermarket batteries can come from anywhere. Some can meet or exceed OEM battery specs. Some…. can’t. Some will fail early or not work at all.

I won’t say stick with OEM batteries. Often they are fake anyway. Amazon, for instance,

is packed with fake,

crappy “OEM” batteries. However I have a cContinue Reading

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Karl Young, Li-ion batteries, Supercapacitors, H2 storage
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If the electronic device manufacturer does not produce batteries, then they contract a battery mfr to produce and package a suitable battery for their device in their own name. Sometimes,

it is permitted for that same battery mfr

to sell the same battery in their own name as an after-market replacement battery. In that case, the quality of the battery should be almost identical to the OEM version.

There are many other battery mfrs who might also supply the same replacement battery that could be even better in quality than the OEM version or it could be worse. The OEM battery is usually more exp

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