Solite Battery

Solite Battery

Solite Battery is not only securing the core technologies in the area of battery to provide even better products to our

customers but also developing technologies for the quality competitiveness of our products.

As the result of our continuous research & development, we have acquired certification for our quality/environmental

management system and international product certification, and providing products with high level of satisfaction to

our customers by implementing strictest quality test procedures.

Plate Pasting Line – Paster

  • It is an improved steel belt type coating equipment that enables coating with accurate weight and clean masking
  • through the improvement of the Orifice Plate.

Assembly Line – Strap Welder

  • It is a hydraulic servo adjustment type welder that is differentiated from the existing inter-cell welder that enables
  • accurate gripping and welding, thereby making marked contributions towards the improvement of the product quality.

Assembly Line – Cover Sealing

  • Unlike the ordinary covering device, it can join the molded items by melting with more accurate temperature due to its 4-point
  • measurement thermos-couple temperature compensation function. Moreover, the time taken to change
  • the model has been shortened by applying the Quick Change Die (QCD) System.

Assembly Line – Acid Filling

  • We are using sulfuric acid injector with added indicator level detection function and suction function through
  • which quick as well as accurate injection of the sulfuric acid is possible.

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